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Roll Off Truck Camper

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Here is one way to remove a camper from the truck.  Just roll it off!.  Taking a Wildwood 5th wheel camper then modify the chassis so that it will slide on and off the dump rails mounted to GMC 5500 Kodiak 4×4 is pure genius. The big advantage is that when its not used for camping the truck can be used for other industrial applications.   Of course I thing it is important to secure and tie down anything inside.  Because tilting the camper may cause stuff to shift around.

Kodiak 4500 Tilt Bed Camper

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  • I love this idea! Guessing to get it back on you would have to use a wench to get it back on truck but don’t see many reasons why you would have to remove it unless truck needs major repair or truck gives out.


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