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Camper with Motorcycle

Camper with Motorcycle

Here we find a motorcycle mounted on the back of this truck camper.  Having a motorcycle is a great way to get around when parked for camping.  Just unload the bike and start exploring the area.

The motorcycle shown here is a Suzuki TC-90. It is a dual purpose trail bike.  It does not have a lot of power but it will get you around.  The engine is a 90cc, 2-Stroke, oil injected rotary valve with only 11 horse power.  The transmission has a total of 8 gears.  Four gears for street and four low ratio gears for off road trails.  Top speed is 65 MPH and can go up a 35 degree incline.

Here we find the bike mounted to the back of a Ford pickup. On the truck is a slide-in cab-over aluminum skinned camper. The image is from an old advertisement from the 70’s

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