Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in a Camper

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in a Camper
Most of the Recreational Vehicles and campers that you see on the road these days aren’t set up as zombie vehicles.  Most RV’s are so large that maneuvering on post-apocalyptic roadways would be a nightmare, and trailer campers can be a mobile coffin if you can’t drive away from a hoard of zombies that surprised you in the night. That being said, there are options you have when it comes to a ZV (zombie vehicle) but you’ll want to make sure it can hold its own in the apocalypse, and doesn’t leave you broken down with the undead swarming you…

The Everyman Option

EarthRoamer XV-LT Ford F550
The Earthroamer is a vehicle that has everything you’ll need to have a fighting chance when the hoards come knocking. Starting out at $110k for a base price, you only need to sell a few organs to get one of these bad boys.  They start off with a Ford F-550 body and build it from there, with features like an RV (living room, bedroom, bathroom, etc) and extras including solar panels and biodiesel fuel, you will be able to use this long after the pumps go dry.

The 1% Option

The UNICAT Winter
The UNICAT is probably the best land based ZV in the world.  It had better be with a price tag of $500k.  A half a million dollars does get you a lot.  2000 miles before a fill-up, beds, a shower, desk space, a kitchen, and a 110-gallon freshwater tank.  Since the price tag is so high, a lot of these vehicles are custom made to order in Germany.

The DIY Option

A lot has been done with a shell of a school bus, box truck or semi-truck.  People with a lot of time, money and skill can turn public transportation into a viable option.  This is the cheapest option for most people, but you’ll probably have to pull over for bathroom breaks.

The Make-Over Option


You can also take an RV you already own, and outfit it to best survive in Zombieland.  This includes cutting some of the ‘fat’ on the interior by taking out all the superficial fluff, loading it up with supplies, reinforcing windows, getting a ram bar to protect the radiator and even switching the fuel from diesel to biodiesel.  The key to survival with a ZV is staying mobile, and the key to staying mobile is avoiding flat tires, staying fueled up and regular engine maintenance.  With luck you’ll stay one step ahead of the living dead.

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