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Land Rover Quad Cab Fiberglass Cab Over Camper

Land Rover Quad Cab Fiberglass Cab Over Camper

Loge Mobile Fiberglass Camper This camper required a lot of restoration by the owners. This is a Loge Mobile cab over, slide in, fiberglass shell camper. These campers were manufactured in France.  LogeMobile manufactured campers for a long perior of time.  They had an excellent reputation by took a financial hit and had to close their Continue Reading

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse in a Camper

Armored Zombie Apocalyse Bus

Most of the Recreational Vehicles and campers that you see on the road these days aren’t set up as zombie vehicles. Most RV’s are so large that maneuvering on post-apocalyptic roadways would be a nightmare, and trailer campers can be a mobile coffin if you can’t drive away from a hoard of zombies that surprised you in the night.