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Portable innovation – the Bumper Dumper Helps Solve the ‘Wilderness Dump’

Bumper Dumper
We all have to do it. But what to do when “nature” calls?  Here is a solution you may consider.  Granted it not for everyone.  But when you got to go, you got to go.  I does not offer a lot in privacy, but it can be fairly convenient.  The privacy could be easily fixed by some sort of popup screen.
Well gone are the days of the “phantom squat” or ducking behind a tree and hoping not to be stumbled on by a family of tourists. This nifty invention known rather fittingly as the Bumper Dumper, is literally a toilet seat attached to a steel frame that requires only a trailer hitch receiver to turn the back of your vehicle into a veritable port-a-potty making the whole “roughing it” experience far more palatable.
Bumper Dumper The Original Hitch Mountable Portable Toilet

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