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Pioneering the Road to Recreational Freedom

In the annals of recreational vehicle history, one name stands as a beacon of innovation, quality, and the pursuit of the great American adventure: Chinook. As we embark on a historical journey through time, we uncover the fascinating story of this iconic RV manufacturer, whose legacy has left an indelible mark on the nomadic spirit of the nation.

The Birth of a Dream

Chinook’s story begins in the early 1930s when an adventurous soul by the name of Rex Willett founded the company in Yakima, Washington. At its inception, Chinook was not a motorhome manufacturer but rather a producer of campers that could be mounted on pickup trucks. Rex’s vision was to provide travelers with a flexible, comfortable, and convenient way to explore the great outdoors.

Trailblazing Innovations

In the years that followed, Chinook pioneered a series of innovations that would define the RV industry. One of their most notable achievements was the development of the first mass-produced motorhome, known as the Chinook Mobilodge, in the 1950s. This groundbreaking creation set a new standard for the recreational vehicle market and paved the way for the modern RV era.

A Family Legacy

Chinook’s commitment to quality and innovation was passed down through generations of the Willett family. Rex’s sons, Ron and Larry, took the helm, continuing their father’s legacy and driving Chinook to new heights. Their dedication to producing top-notch motorhomes ensured that the Chinook brand became synonymous with excellence.

A Nation on Wheels

During the mid-20th century, as Americans began to embrace the freedom of the open road, Chinook motorhomes became a symbol of adventure and exploration. Families crisscrossed the country in their Chinooks, forging unforgettable memories against the backdrop of picturesque landscapes. These vehicles became cherished companions, carrying generations of adventurers on journeys of discovery.

Innovation Meets Efficiency

Chinook was known not only for its commitment to quality but also for its innovative designs. The company was one of the first to utilize fiberglass construction in motorhome production, resulting in lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles. This forward-thinking approach endeared Chinook to a generation of environmentally conscious travelers.

Legacy Lives On

While the production of new Chinook motorhomes ceased in the early 2000s, the legacy of this iconic manufacturer lives on. Vintage Chinook RVs are lovingly restored and cherished by a dedicated community of enthusiasts who recognize their historical significance and enduring appeal.


Chinook RVs are more than just vehicles; they are a testament to the American spirit of adventure, exploration, and the love of the open road. With a history rooted in innovation, quality craftsmanship, and a commitment to the nomadic lifestyle, Chinook has earned its place in the annals of RV history. As we look back on their journey, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of those who dare to wander, with Chinook as their trusted companion on the road to freedom.

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