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All Aboard the Caboose Camper



When you combine the beef of a military transport truck with a 6×6 drivetrain then attach a whimsical caboose style camper this is the result.  All aboard this crazy train. This is obviously a place where opposites come together to create one of the most unique and unusual truck camper combinations.  Of course is it real?

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Name: truckcamperhq

Short Bio: Truck Camper HQ Website moderator. Loves camping and especially love truck campers. If it has to do with a truck camper I want to know about it and share it with others.

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  • Yeah. I’m gonna call Photoshop on this one. Among other things, the perspective seems wrong, the rear wheels are creepily identical (and differently sized than front/spare, which would be a problem on a 6×6), and the shadow under the caboose seems too dark. Oh, and the smokestack.


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