Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels

Wonderful pictures of some of the most unusual homes on wheels – travel trailers of unique design!!!

This book is chock full of pictures of a variety of different styles of homemade houses on wheels. There are vehicles build out of buses, small rigs and large trucks. The book was published in 1979 therefore there are mostly older vehicles to begin with, there are a lot of really stylish autos with homes built on them. There are some that showcase some incredible workmanship, and a few that are pretty cobbled together.  There is some detail on cost, construction, and layout.

Anyone with a some nomadic blood will obsess over this book out and become inspired with dreams of building their own home.

The photographs are all very beautiful, and the book is also full of great drawings and diagrams.  Rolling Homes shows a number of beautiful handmade houses on wheels, some very small and cozy and some look large enough to fit in all you might ever need.

With the spirit of yesterday’s covered wagon and the mobility of today’s recreational vehicle, these individually crafted houses on wheels form an original artistic and cultural movement. They combine the do-it-yourself tradition with the American faith that “you can take it with you.” Blending art with technology and economy with style, they satisfy the desire for freedom, simplicity and self-expression.

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