Thinking About Getting a Truck Camper – Some Things to Consider

Thinking About Getting a Truck Camper – Some Things to Consider

Thinking about getting a camper for your truck? Here are some thing you need to consider before you delve into it.

For anyone who love the outdoors a truck camper combination is a perfect way to pursue outdoor adventures.  If you currently own a pickup truck getting a camper will provide you with a modest recreational vehicle.   Even better if you truck happens to be a four wheeler.  It will give you a vehicle that can take you to some remote places.

Truck campers are designed to slide into the bed of the truck.  Larger models may overhang the rear of the truck.  It doesn’t matter if you have a short bed or long bed there are camper suited to fit whatever you have.  If you have skills to build stuff you could even make a project where you build your own customer camper

Here are some pros and cons to consider before you make a commitment.


  • With a camper you can tow with a trailer several types of recreation vehicles like dune buggies, ATV’s or boat.  This will further enhance your outdoor adventures
  • In comparison with motorhomes or trailer a truck camper has a lower cost.
  • Truck campers, because of their versatility, can go almost anywhere there is a road to travel.  With a four wheeler this is expanded to rugged dirt roads.
  • If you ever need to remove the camper during a camping trip, the camper can be removed and left at the campsite allowing you to drive your vehicle without the camper.


  • The living quarter can be small and cramped especially when camping with a family.
  • The bigger the camper the more you will need a heavy duty truck to carry it.  Additional suspension modification may need to be done to enhance
  • When the weather is windy, because of the high center of gravity and increase surface area, a truck camper can be more difficult to drive.
The ultimate recreational vehicle is a four wheeler truck what a camper installed on the bed.  Since it is a truck it has better maneuverability than a huge motor-home.  The price point is about mid-range.  A four wheeler will allow you to go further into remote areas off the road.  Add to that the ability to haul a boat, a trailer of ATV’s or other toys it is hard to beat the truck camper combo.

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  1. bro what is that gmc thing
    with the lancer camper
    on the back of the gigantic
    dually gmc

    i need one to
    prepare for THUNDERDOME

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