Ever thought about RVing across America? This might be the least expensive

Kamp-Rite Midget Bushtrekka Bicycle Camper Trailer with Oversize Tent Cot

One way to travel is by bicycle.  This innovative product is towed behind a bicycle. A great way to travel and get into shape.  Fairly lightweight at only 55lbs.  Should be easy on flat road but will need low gear to get up a hill.

Innovative and unique, the Midget Bushtrekka trailer from Kamp-RiteĀ® is perfect for the bicycle or camping enthusiast. The one-of-a-kind pivoting wheel set and alloy wheels make for a comfortable ride over most terrain; safety reflectors and safety tape offer nighttime visibility. And when you’re finished trekking for the day, open up the included Over-sized Tent Cot for a great night’s rest!

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