Ideas for Places to Camp

Ideas for Places to Camp

One of the greatest activities is camping. There are some fun and exciting places you can experience the great outdoors. You may want to explore different locations for you next adventure. Here are some ideas you may want to consider.

State Parks

Camping at a state park in one place you can consider.  These parks are maintained and run by state government. There is normally an entrance fee to get inside the park. Everyone has to pay the fee whether they camp or not. For most parks the admission fee is worth it. State parks use the funds to maintain and up keep the park. When considering a state park check ahead to make sure camping is allowed. Some of the activities that campers can do include hiking on designated trails, water sports for those parks that include a lake, pond or stream. If you love to collect souvenirs, many state parks will have a gift shop.

Campground Parks

Besides state parks another idea for camping is at a park dedicate primarily to camping.  These types of parks are simply called campground parks. For many campers this is the first choice when thinking about a place to stay. This type of park has area specifically set aside for campers. These parks will differ from a state park as they may be privately owned and run. These types of camp site may also include outdoor activities that campers will enjoy. Find ones that include the activities you are most likely to participate. You may also find that Campground parks will include game rooms, security post and laundry rooms.

Beach Camping

Although camping in wooded forest area in a popular place to camp, you may also consider camping on the beach. Camping on the beach not only includes the coastline, it also includes camping by lakes and ponds.  These bodies of water also have places to stay. As with campground parks many beachfront camping sites of privately owned and operated. They will probably require that you make a reservation in advance.  There may also be an admission fee to camp.


This one is a quick and easy way to camp. You can camp in your own backyard. I know that this is a bit unusual. If you are a novice camper this could be a trial run before heading out into the wild. This will reduce the amount of travel time and should be easy to set up. For the more experienced camper this may not appeal to you, but it could be fun nevertheless.

So there you have it, a few ideas for your next camping destination. Consider these options next time you plan your next camping adventure. When planning your next trip, consider how far you want to travel, what your budget is in regards to park admission fees and what activities and facilities are available. Knowing these things in advance will help make the trip run smoother and more enjoyable.

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