Truck Camper Toys – Top 10

Truck Camper Toys – Top 10

1) Pressed Steel Vintage Pink Tonka Toy 1969 Jeep Gladiator 4×4 Pickup Truck Motorhome toy RV Camper – MEASURES 9 1/2″ LONG, 5″ TALL AND 31/2″ WIDE. Tonka is an American toy company most known for its signature toy trucks and construction equipment.

Blue Tonka

2) Vintage 1960’s Aqua blue Tonka truck with white cab over camper #530. It measures 14″ in length by 8″ tall by 5 1/2″ wide. Pressed Steel construction. White wall tires and silver grill. The impact of the Tonka truck concept has been enduring and pervasive. The all-metal “Tonka Trucks” were sold throughout the world and earned a reputation as being indestructible.

Buddy-L Truck Camper Toy

3) Buddy L Truck Camper Toy with pressed steel pickup truck and plastic camper. Stepside style bed. White wall tires. White Grill guard. Buddy L is an American toy brand and company founded in 1920 as the Buddy L Toy Company in East Moline, Illinois, by Fred Lundahl.

Vintage STRUCTO Tin Metal Blue Camper Truck Toy Car

4) Vintage STRUCTO Tin Metal Blue Camper Truck Toy Car – About 10″ long and 6-1/2″ high. The Structo Manufacturing Company of Freeport, Illinois was a dominating factor in the toy industry for many decades. Structo was a strong competitor in the toy market competing with Tonka and Buddy-L.

 Winnabago Toy

5) Winnabago by Tonka

Weebles Camp About

6) Weeble Camp-About, made by Hasbro includes a truck, camper top, boat with trailer, motorcycle, picnic table, and Mr. and Mrs. Weeble. The interior features two bunk beds and a kitchenette.

Lego Camper

7) Lego Camper – I love the creativity of Lego.

Toy Camper Set

8) Toy Truck Camper and Travel Trailer. This appears to be homemade. Really nice workmanship.

Tonka Deluxe Fisherman

9) 1961 Model 130 Deluxe Fisherman

Antique Camper House Truck

10) Antique Truck House Camper.


Matchbox Ford Truck Camper

Matchbox #38 Ford Camper 1979 This truck is red with a tan camper. This has a metal base and was made in England.  Matchbox is a popular toy brand which was introduced by Lesney Products in 1953 and is now owned by Mattel, Inc. The brand was so named as the original die-cast Matchbox toys were sold in boxes similar in style and size to those in which matches were sold.

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