Solar panels: For the Eco Minded

Solar panels: For the Eco Minded

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Solar panels can be expensive and not every day is sunny. The Xcellerator is designed to deliver a rapid charge to any Solio even in low light conditions. The Xcellerator comes with a 2000-mAh HUB battery pack, but it also charges other solio models faster. You stick it on the dash of your RV and it charges the internal battery with the sun’s rays. If your cell phone, e-reader, camera, etc. runs out of juice, just plug directly into the USB port on the solio and voilà! You have instant charging power ANYWHERE! Pretty cool, and a perfect gift for the environmentally friendly or green RVer.

Solio Xcellerator and HUB Battery Pack, Black/White

  • The Xcellerator is designed to deliver a rapid charge even in low light conditions
  • Powers USB-rechargeable devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, GPS watches, cameras, water purifiers, bike lights, headlamps, lanterns
  • Special output mode is optimized for Apple products; A standard output model is CTIA optimized for most other devices following the USB protocol
  • Simple, fast-charging of the 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery stores solar energy for up to 1 year
  • Easy-to-operate charger can be powered up from either solar energy or, when the sun goes down, from any USB port or charger

The HUB pack itself may not be the largest of capacities, but its selectable standard/Apple charge modes deliver some of the best charge performance from a battery of this type in a very small package. The HUB is compact, well built, light, and perfect for packing away before a day out — whether it’s in the city or strolling through the country. The Xcellerator panel can be packed along for overnight trips, camping, or emergencies, and will charge faster than most other devices of this type. Bonus: The panel can be used with other current generation Solio gadgets as well.

Pros: Small, light, efficient pack & panel which can be separated based on use. Light enough to not be a nuisance.

Cons: No carrying case, though the panel fits many inexpensive tablet/e-reader sleeves.

Final thought: Better bang for the buck than most comparable but “cheap” chargers.

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